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The Listening Project
For and by concerned residents of Bradfield, Berowra and Bennelong

Why are we back in lockdown and ranked 38th out of 38 amongst OECD countries for vaccine rollout? Have you become disillusioned with our Government? Are you a little outraged by the ongoing revelations of brazen misogyny? Or galled by the claims that pork barrelling is just the way millions of dollars of funding get allocated pre-election.

Join us for a Zoom gathering as we want to know how you're feeling about lockdown and what other issues are concerning you as a resident of the leafy north. The zoom calls are easy to participate in and with lockdown extended, we'll be running a number of them through July and August.

Take the 10 minute survey to tell us what's concerning you most about the direction Australia appears to be heading.  Answers are anonymous though you can opt to receive the collated responses from the whole survey if you give us your email. Click here.

Share this website with your friends, your  neighbours, your local shop keepers - we want to hear from them all. What are we residents of Sydney's leafy northern burbs thinking?